Messina, still nauseating smells from the Mili purifier: the senators of the League turn to minister Frattin


By John

“Since 1994, the eco-monster 'Mili Purifier' has been in operation in the village of Mili Moleti, in the province of Messina. There are numerous reports of nauseating odors and the large quantities of sewage and liquids that flow into the surrounding sea. Furthermore, cases of respiratory diseases, allergies and cancers have increased in the area. Nearby – near the indoor stadium, frequented by many people and, mainly, children and teenagers – a plant has also been designed for the collection and simultaneous processing of the wet fraction: it is irresponsible to further 'aggravate' the area. It is necessary to intervene in a concrete way with actions aimed at verifying the adequacy of the systems and in compliance with all regulations and authorizations provided for by current regional, national and European regulations, to avoid risks for the environment and for the population”. Thus in a note the senators of the League in the Environment Committee, Nino Germanà (secretary), Tilde Minasi (group leader) and Manfredi Potenti, who presented a written question to minister Pichetto Fratin.