Reading to dance: an unprecedented success for Rende's “Gioacchino da Fiore”.


By John

How much emotion and how well done all the protagonists of the project-show “Reading to…dance” staged at the Tau dell'Unical. 120 dancers, 3 dance schools involved – “Ilaria Dima Dance Center”, “Hale Bopp Danza”, “Accademia della Danza” -, three comprehensive institutes between Montalto Uffugo and Bisignano and for the first time, in Italy, also the high school Choreutico “Gioacchino da Fiore” protagonists of “Pinocchio”.
The organizational director, Antonio De Luca, was fully satisfied and put his heart and soul into the cultural initiative carried out. Reading to…dance, after all, is also this. The body language, the different professionals engaged with the students, raising quality and performance, a common, unique book for everyone. The fourth edition was an unprecedented success. It was not and is not, sic and simpliciter, a dance show. But a much broader project, conceived by Professor Rosanna Pasi and implemented by the dance schools that are part of the National Federation of Dance Schools Association.