Messina, the game of vice-presidencies of the city council reopens


By John

We had parted ways “lack of serenity” by virtue of which, in mid-June last year, the president of the city council Nello Pergolizzi had closed the proceedings of the Chamber after a controversial vote. Since then everything has been at a standstill on the topic of vice-presidencies of the city councilbut something is moving and next week there could be a new vote.
What unblocked the situation, above all, was the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court which also rejected the request for annulment of the resolution electing Pergolizzi as president. Once that game is closed – at least for the moment, even if the opposition evaluates the appeal to the CGA -, that of the deputies reopens, to finally give a complete structure to a presidency office that has never been complete, in this mandate .
In the first phase, in fact, when Cateno De Luca was president, everything was delegated to the deputy vice-president, Nello Pergolizzi, while the election of the second vice was postponed indefinitely. And it remained sine die, because it never happened. When De Luca resigned, opting for the role of regional deputy (in the midst of the election campaign for Taormina), the political picture changed, because just on the eve of the vote on the new presidency two councilors, Giulia Restuccia and Emilia Rotondo, left the majority, shifting the axis of numbers towards the opposition. It was the period of highest tension in Palazzo Zanca, the election of Nello Pergolizzi to the presidency was seen as a sort of classroom blitz, highly contested by the opposition, so much so that an appeal was made to the TAR. And when the names of Mirko Cantello (vicar) and Serena Giannetto came up for the vice-presidencies – the former from the opposition, the latter from the majority (political, no longer numerical) – the tension rose further, because the vote was not deemed valid for the purposes of the election and everything was, once again, postponed, amid new and heated protests.