Hamas hostages, 22-year-old German Shani Louk is dead. Decapitated, her skull was found


By John

“Unfortunately yesterday we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive.” She told Rtl the mother of Shani Louk, the 22-year-old German-Israeli kidnapped by Hamas and recognized in a video in which the terrorists transported her defenseless and half-naked on a jeep. Bild reports it, which also cites a confirmation from the young woman’s sister.

In recent weeks it emerged that Shani was still alive but “seriously injured” in a hospital in Gaza. The family had made several appeals for help to the German government. On October 7, Shani Louk was attending the music rave attacked by Hamas terrorists.

– Israeli President Isaac Herzog confirmed the death of 22-year-old German-Israeli Shani Louk, kidnapped on October 7 by Hamas. «His skull was found», Herzog told Bild. “This means that these barbaric and sadistic animals simply cut off her head while attacking, torturing and killing. It is a great tragedy and I offer my deepest condolences to the family.” Only now was it possible to identify Shani’s body, Herzog explained, adding that the identification of 40 other bodies is pending, as people were abused, burned or dismembered in the most gruesome way