Messina, the health professionals of the SSR demand the change of the national collective labor agreement


By John

At present, the operators employed by the company, due to the contract applied, ARIS-RSA, receive salaries not exceeding 1100 euros per month which are, inevitably, causing discontent among the workers. For FP CGIL, the company is in the economic position to be able to proceed with a change of collective bargaining agreement with the consequent financial rewards.

«The mandate that was given to us by the workers following the meeting held in September is very clear: to change the national contract currently applied (ARIS-RSA), to move to the ARIS Private Healthcare contract and thus hope to be able to have some finally decent salaries, like many other colleagues. It’s time to recognize these workers’ skills and professionalism.” The General Secretary of FP CGIL Francesco Fucile and the provincial secretary with responsibility for health, Antonio Trino, return to ask for decisive action for the SSR employees, tired and exasperated by inadequate salaries, and they do so by reiterating the need for a change of pace on the part of the company, especially in light of the fact that «SSR has reached performance levels qualitatively appreciable thanks to the generous commitment of the workers who, with great dedication and a sign of belonging to the structure, dedicate themselves with professionalism to the many patients entrusted to them. The public and evident budgets of SSR are quite prosperous and this is certainly thanks to a dualism, in terms of wise ability in good management and professionally trained staff. There are no major difficulties and/or frictions between the employers and the workers, except at a point where there is no longer any synthesis, i.e. the CCNL applied to them. The SSR applies the ARIS RSA CCNL, a decidedly less advantageous contract for the workers who, in fact, receive around 1100 euros/month, more or less 400 euros less than colleagues from other companies who carry out the same activity but with an hourly commitment approximately 10 hours more per month and who have applied the AIOP Private Healthcare CCNL”.

The FP CGIL, in light of the discussions, even positive ones, had on several occasions with the employers, pushes so that «also in light of the fact that the renewal of the agreement between Region/ASP Messina/SSR is under discussion, a meeting can be arranged between the parties in which to evaluate the real operational feasibility of a renewal of the agreement with the provision of modifying the contractualization of employees. On the other hand – the union leaders conclude – we do not believe it is appropriate to continue along this path which is leading to the flight of professionalism, to the exacerbation of spirits from which one can intuit, without much imagination being needed, a worsening of relations which would lead to the difficulty in being able to guarantee services to innocent patients”.