Massacre at the hospital in Gaza, Israel shows images “that nail Hamas”. Biden from Netanyahu


By John

Israel, meanwhile, reiterates that the explosion was caused by a defective rocket launched yesterday at 6.59pm by Islamic Jihad from a nearby cemetery. Israel – added Hagari – also has a recording of a conversation between Palestinian militiamen which would confirm the launch of a defective rocket. Since the beginning of the conflict, you specified, 450 defective Palestinian rockets have exploded inside the Strip.

Today in Gaza an “international humanitarian aid zone”

The army also announced that “a humanitarian zone” will be set up in the Al-Mawasi area, in the south of the Strip, near Khan Younis, where “international humanitarian aid” will be provided. The announcement – accompanied by an invitation to move to that area – comes, the media underlined, after days of contact with the US, Egypt and others to create a safe zone for Gaza residents.

Two senior Hamas leaders killed in the Strip

The Israeli army said it had killed two senior Hamas leaders in attacks on the Strip. The first is Muhammad Awdallah commander of the anti-tank missile system of the Gaza City Brigade. The second is Akram Hijazi of the Hamas Naval Force, responsible for directing terrorist attacks on Israel from Gaza.

Over 3200 dead, the death toll in Gaza rises