Messina, the “Invece del Ponte” association: “The mayor commits himself to us to defend the dignity of this territory”


By John

“The mayor of Messina should make his necessary considerations, in this important phase of the proceedings, and undertake to defend the dignity of this territory, also in collaboration with the mayor of Villa San Giovanni, contesting all the documents together with us before the court administrative”. This is the proposal launched by the lawyer Carmelo Briguglio, at the end of the conference organized by the “Invece del Ponte” association in the flag hall of the Municipality. Meeting opened by Elio Conti Nibali, who recalled how the Municipality has repeatedly expressed its opposition to decisions taken from above, “but without doing anything in the meantime”.

The teacher Laura Giuffrida also weighed in on this point: “We would like our mayor, like the mayor of Villa San Giovanni, to express a slightly clearer and more defined position. Only groups of stakeholders entirely in favor of the bridge were convened at the technical table, the only exception being the CGIL. We ask to be convened together with the other associations.” The economist Guido Signorino has the task of recalling some technical points, highlighting that “it is a convenient cop-out to talk about an ideological no, because ours is a no argued in a serious and scientific way”.