Messina, “the murder” on Viale San Martino? Here's what's behind the silhouette of “Poetry is dead”


By John

A silhouette on the ground, similar to the one drawn by the Ris after a murder, in the middle of Viale San Martino, with the writing “IS POETRY DEAD?”. Many people saw the installation and wondered what it was. An Instagram social page promoted right at the “crime site” gives some indiscretion.

Behind that installation there is the spark of Daniele Mircuda, a young poet and collagist from Messina who called together several citizens and artists, involving them in an initiative of cultural and civil commitment called “MessinVersi”. With the support of the performer and actor Lelio Naccari and Bianca Savasta, curator of a scheduled exhibition, the event was launched, to the realization of which many have contributed and are contributing: the names will be revealed as the date of the event approaches.

The initiative was illustrated to Cristiana Carbone, coordinator of the events of the Muricello covered market who fell in love with it. . Thus, to celebrate poetry day and the arrival of spring in a concrete and creative way, an artistic-cultural “mosaic” has been set up which will take place on March 21st and will have the historic city market as its location.