Gratteri in Vibo: “Hire hackers against mafias on social networks and the dark web”


By John

«We need to equip ourselves, not only on a regulatory level, but also on a technological level because we are behind on this level. And above all we need to hire good hackers, computer engineers, as well as the police, carabinieri and financiers.” The prosecutor of Naples said it Nicola Gratteri, today in Vibo Valentia to present his book «Il Grifone» written with Antonio Nicasospeaking with journalists about how the 'Ndrangheta also uses social media “such as Facebook but above all Tik Tok” for its own purposes. “Unfortunately, good hackers are expensive – added Gratteri – the good ones go to work in private companies and therefore it is a But we need to speed up, we also need to change the contracts to keep these good, quality hackers in the public administration, otherwise we won't be able to counter this new challenge from the mafias in the dark web field.”

Mafias who have also started using cryptocurrencies. “By now – explained the former prosecutor of Catanzaro – even here in Calabria the mafias are able to extract cryptocurrencies, in the Vibono area, in Locride or in the Crotone area electronic coins are extracted in quantity. Electronic money which is now starting to be used to pay for cocaine in the Amazon forest. So we can say that in the space of a year, a year and a half there has been a strong acceleration in the field of information technology, the dark web and this worries us greatly. We must run and chase so as not to fall too far behind.”

«What if I miss Calabria? Of course – said Gratteri – I have spent my whole life, including my working life, here in Calabria. As you know, I was forced to leave but I am the prosecutor of Naples and I am giving my all to make that area more livable. Today I return to a province that needed so much attention on an investigative and judicial level and the results are there for all to see. I believe it is a freer, more livable province where people today have the opportunity to make important choices and also think about the future, not only for themselves but also for young people, for the new generations. I am very happy to be back here. , we spent a lot of energy but the results can be seen. Meanwhile – he continued – we have contributed to creating a new generation of very good judges, very prepared and very important results have been obtained in just a few years. It is obvious that other investigations have arisen in cascade and for several years to come there will be important results with the work we have sown over the years. Here, in Vibo, for example, there are 4 PMs from the Catanzaro DDA who are of the highest level as a qualitative target and will therefore continue the work that we have reasoned, planned and set up together”.

“No reforms are being made to speed up processes”

«I see that unfortunately the reforms needed to speed up trials without lowering the level of defense and guarantee of the offended parties are not being implemented. And therefore I hope that there will be a rethinking of this rush of reforms already set two, three years ago.” The Naples prosecutor Nicola Gratteri said this, speaking to journalists in Vibo Valentia, regarding justice reforms.

Regarding the next elections, Gratteri hoped «that politics will make politics and I hope that citizens will make the right choices. And as I often say, vote for everyone except those who tell you they will fix your child.”