Messina, the resolution on Croce will soon be in the Council. The possible scenarios


By John

It could be the week of redde rationem on the Maurizio Croce case. The Forza Italia city councilor, elected as the best loser among the mayoral candidates, has long been in the eye of the storm for several reasons: chronic absenteeism (about ten appearances out of approximately 140 sessions) on the one hand, contemporary positions such as implementing body of the government commissioner for hydrogeological instability and, for a couple of days, also member designated by the Region of the management committee of the Port System Authority.
Last Wednesday the topic returned to the city council chamber for the umpteenth timewhere Croce himself defended himself, but precisely on that occasion the Prime Minister, Nello Pergolizzi, announced the imminent preparation, by the director of General Affairs of Palazzo Zanca, Laura Strano, of the resolution which, in fact , will force the Chamber to express its opinion on the Croce case.
It will be a resolution with which Croce will be given the opportunity to counter the Municipality’s objections, which should focus on the subsequent ineligibility, rather than on the incompatibility, with respect to the role of implementing body. The new position at the Port Authority, in fact, is very recent and on this it was once again Pergolizzi, one of the most vocal on the matter (together with the group leader of “Con De Luca per Basile”, Pippo Trischitta), who formally asked the secretary for an opinion general, Rossana Carrubba.
It will be the latter, probably already today, that will endorse the final draft of the resolution, which will then be transmitted to the city council. And there, when the time comes to vote, many are curious to see how the councilors will line up, given that many do not have a great desire to express their opinion on the matter, even for political reasons.

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