Messina, the students of Archimede “Polemically” in the theater: a success


By John

Also this year the theater workshop of the “Archimede” high school achieved resounding success with the staging of the great classical theatre. The students attempted a contamination of tragedy and comedy with the original title “Polemically”, adapted, integrated and scripted by Professor Francesca Spadaro, director of the opera and coordinator of the PTOF project “Actors are not born, they are made” .
A highly inclusive project, also given the presence of students from group H, supported by the support team in the figures of the teachers Maria Santacaterina, in the role of Contact, Federica Finocchiaro and Antonino Gemellaro. Polemically from “polemos” which in Greek means war, central theme of both theatrical actions, but also polemically in the sense of being polemical towards the brutal violence of conflicts, in short, waging war on war.

A tragedy, the “Troads” of Euripides and a comedy, the “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, which have women as protagonists; in the tragedy, defeated women, devastated in their homeland, in their dearest affections and in their dignity; in the comedy, the utopia: the women led by Lysistrata, whose name etymologically means “She who dissolves armies” organize a strike, depriving their husbands of marital joys, to put an end to the war. These are the years of the Peloponnesian War in which male citizens are massacred and women and children reduced to slavery by a punitive decision by Athens. Two powerful works that speak to today marred by illogical conflicts, in which rhetoric and easy enthusiasm give way to horror and the never-quenched thirst for peace. Yet another proof of the high cultural depth of the Messina high school, led by the head teacher, Prof. Laura Cappuccio. Below are the students protagonists of the play: Riccardo Morabito, Clarissa Aloisio, Martina Arcadi, Alessia Licciardelli, Riccardo Masso, Emanuele Terranova, Federico Guerrera, Andra Tufaru, Ilaria Sturniolo, Alessandro Ciprandi, Piergiorgio Rizzo, Giulia Gallina, Ginevra Busacca, Luca Giannetto, Laura Lisanti, Giulia Pia Perdichizzi, Anna Vladimirova, Gabriele Picciolo, Francesca Bacanu, Federica De Benedetto, Laura Galletta, Emma Innocca, Alessandra Morabito, Amalia Muscarà, Miriam Nastasi, Sara Zito, Emanuele Pilato, Alessandro Scimone, Emmanuel Visicaro, Pierferdinando Orlandi, Dario Arena, Edoardo Guanta, Manfredi Sottile , Emanuel Calabrese, Riccardo Rotondo, Christian Runci, Syria Cucinotta, Kristel Lentini.