Morelli murder in the Marconi district of Reggio, preliminary investigations concluded


By John

Who would actually shoot to kill (Damiano Bevilacquadefended by lawyers Giuseppe Barbuto, Antonino Foti and Maurizio Nucci), who would have acted as driver (Saverio Bevilacquadefended by lawyers Alberto Marrara and Basilio Pitasi), the victim's brother and sister-in-law (Vito Morelli, defended by lawyers Fabio Tuscano, Giacomo Iaria and Antonio Manag√≤; and Letizia Bevilacqua, defended by the lawyer Pasquale Costantino) for having respectively attempted to avenge the crime and attempted to erase the evidence at the “crime scene”. The Prosecutor's Office has closed the preliminary investigation into the murder of Nino Morellithe young Roma man who was killed for having ended up at the wrong time and in the wrong place, at the height of a violent family clash, on the afternoon of 11 May 2023 in front of the buildings in the Marconi and Cusmano districts.