Messina, the usual time of silence. Ambitions are being set now


By John

More than a week has passed since Messina's last official match, lost in Monopoli: the team continued to train while the club, despite the announced possibility of shortly communicating future plans and ambitions, remained at the “conservative silence” announced just after the “Viviani” match. Which however, apart from the visit of Plescia and Salvo to Spadafora and some photos circulated wildly on social media, did not lead to any “filtered” declarations from members.
In short, waiting for the fans. The “usual” that characterized the summer periods to find out if we would continue retracing the path of the previous season or changing again, in fact like every year during the current management of the club. The contacts that have taken place with the managers of the technical area, of a more or less interlocutory nature, have not led to any definitive agreement. The leaders are moving secretly to evaluate what to do, while the hope is that this time the “advantage” of having obtained remaining in the category will not be nullified, thus being able to plan the following season in a shorter time.

There are many issues to address. We must start from the management positions, starting with a general manager with recognized operational and representative skills, continuing with a team manager and other figures necessary to respond to the logistical and structural needs of a Lega Pro club. The farewell of Costa and Cammarata is equivalent to yet another separation, a farewell that follows that of many predecessors. A case?
Clearly we are waiting to know the future of sporting director Domenico Roma and coach Giacomo Modica. The comparison could lead to a decisive rapprochement, especially with the coach from Mazara, after the friction revealed during the year, when the coach asked for an outline at the level of the Messina square: respect in terms of refereeing choices, systems that respond to the needs of the first team, internal dynamics consistent with what the Lega Pro requires, fluid relationships and certain responses from the municipal administration that go beyond the maintenance of “political” relationships between the parties. Positions taken that gained the support of the organized clubs, who returned to ask for a change of pace or a change of ownership. And with whom relationships must inevitably be restored.

The definition of the sports project will depend on the confirmation or otherwise of Rome and Modica, which passes through ideas in terms of offensive approach and modules, but which also in this sense needs time to rebuild a team which from June onwards will be able to count on just five elements, some of whom could even say goodbye because they have already been courted on the market , perhaps financing the future Giallorossi transfer market. He will say goodbye to a leader like Nino Ragusa, Fumagalli could also remain, the new pillars should be Manetta and Franco, but other key elements will be needed in the locker room and young players to focus on in terms of playing time. In short, there is a lot of work to do.

And then the youth sector, after the farewell announced with the “Camaro group”, we will most likely move towards a new external assignment, because until now Messina has actually never given life to its own path, relying on collaborations which however (also in this case) they promptly stopped. Yet, it would be another important step for a truly ambitious and long-lasting project.