Messina, the Verona Trento institute is the first to program the ChatGpt AI on school robots


By John

Next Saturday 3 February the Expo “Drive change, choose sustainable mobility” will take place at the Verona Trento Institute in Messina, sponsored by the Municipality of Messina, and created by the school in synergy with the Cnr, to promote a culture linked to concept of territorial eco-sustainability and therefore oriented towards reducing pollution risks, safeguarding health and energy saving. In a period in which urban centers are increasingly congested, and in Italy the transport sector is responsible for around a quarter of emissions capable of altering the climate, students and teachers of the different majors will exhibit their ideas and innovations to safeguard the planet in the courtyard of the Institute. Always present in addition to the stands of students and teachers, there is also an electric bus provided by the Atm Azienda Trasporti Messina and the electric car of the Meme project, created by students and professors with recycled material, innovative batteries and renewable photovoltaic and wind sources.

Artificial intelligence, Verona Trento at the forefront

“Some students from our institute were the first in Italy to create a new application for Artificial Intelligence. This innovation has revolutionized the approach to the classic programming of our two humanoid robots ‘Pepper’ and ‘NAO’, to which ChatGpt’s generative AI has been integrated, unique in its kind in the school sector, opening up new scenarios in human-human communication. robot. Thus our Pepper and NAO previously programmed to answer only certain questions, have now expanded their knowledge and are able to answer many more questions. The same thing had already happened in Italy in only two universities, so we are very proud that much younger students of our school have succeeded in this challenge, thanks to the skills that they have acquired and developed in the field of computer science and robotics”. This was stated by the head teacher of the IIS Verona Trento in Messina, Professor Simonetta di Prima, who was satisfied with the results of the students who also won an award during the Forum on Artificial Intelligence held in Palermo.