Messina, Unixme gives life to the conference “Women, history and culture”


By John

On the occasion of Women's Day, the university association UNNIXME (acronym for “United for Messina”), under the pressure of the young members, organized a conference in the afternoon at the Feltrinelli Point bookshop in Messina. The main aim of the initiative is to give even more weight to the problem of inequalities and violence against women, breaking the wall of shameful silence and indifference that too often permeate these topics.
An almost entirely female afternoon, the meeting was led by a young student, Myriam Vizzini, representative of the degree course in Biological Sciences and advisor to the department. Chibiofaram, as well as a member of the Youth Council at the Municipality of Messina.
Enriching and embellishing the conference: Prof. Caterina Trifirò, teacher and researcher of entertainment disciplines at the Cospecs Unime department. Professor Trifirò has always focused her scientific interests mainly in the field of Italian dramaturgy of the twentieth century, she is currently a member of the management committee of the magazine «Mantichora», a periodical of the International Center for Studies on the Performing Arts “UniversiTeatrali>>, she has focused his speech on discrimination in the world of art and literature;
Dr. Roberta Casagrande, PhD student in Political Sciences at the University of Messina, registered with the Order of Journalists of Sicily, addressed the issue of discrimination in the field of sports journalism and in the world of marketing within her master's thesis entitled “Pink Power”, a work that allowed her to win the 2020 National Ethics Award, noting that in the world of journalism at the top there are almost exclusively men;
Doctor Aurora Arena, head of the CIRS family home, who addressed the issues of social reintegration and integration for women victims of violence and their children; for those who don't know it, Cirs is a national moral body established in 1961, with headquarters in Messina. The aim of the organization is the “Promotion of women” and in this sense it offers a social assistance and protection service. and again Dr. Smeralda Piccione, family mediator, graduated in Political Sciences and Social Service from the University of Messina, as well as having obtained a Second Level Master's Degree in Family Law and a Master's Degree in Family Mediation, has addressed the thorny and delicate drama of domestic violence which has seen a dramatic increase: as many as 73% of calls to the national anti-violence hotline during the pandemic phase. The meeting also saw the presence of a male figure, with the intervention of Fra
Giuseppe Maggiore, who currently collaborates with the police to “contribute to making Messina station a safer place”, addressed the burning issue of abuse in the ecclesiastical world. Brother Giuseppe spent 3 years in Morocco, where in collaboration with the Muslim population he founded a school for street children.
In addition to the guests, the conference saw speeches by Chiara Furlan, coordinator of the UNIXME association and Academic Senator at our University and Federico Fallico, representative of the Department of Medicine and Surgery and vice-president of the Unixme association. The young senator spoke about the meaning of being a woman, enhancing the typical concepts of delicacy and elegance, while differentiating them from mere aesthetic canons and at the same time underlining the concept of determination and emancipation that have always distinguished her.
Federico Fallico instead cited figures such as Rita Levi Montalcini, Margherita hack and Montessori, focusing on the concepts of science, woman and progress, starting from the great scientific advances that bear a female name, explaining what the differences are at the neural, synaptic and cognition that distinguish the male and female brain.
To conclude the event, the president of the Unixme association, Samuela Pulifiato and Laura Cambria, member of the Unixme association, spoke with a greeting addressed to all women, quoting a poem by Michele Longo accompanied on the piano by the student Walid , with the song Nuvole bianca and a final greeting and thanks from Paola Salerno, member of the association.