Messina, via Arte della Stampa transformed into an open-air landfill


By John

Via Arte della Stampain the heart of Messina, is one of the symbols of abandonment and lack of care of the urban territory. A few steps from the busy Viale Europa roundabout, right behind Collereale and near the Piedmont hospital, this street is often transformed into an open-air landfillunder the incredulous eyes of the residents.

Often piles of waste of all kinds are abandoned along the road, creating not only an aesthetic problem but also a potential risk to public health. Despite periodic efforts to clean up the area, the rubbish reappears with an almost embarrassing timing, as if the cleaning work were just an invitation to fill the vacated space again.

Faced with this situation, the representatives of the local district have raised the issue several times, asking for interventions that can stem the phenomenon. Among the proposals put forward, the installation of surveillance cameras to identify and sanction violators, and the addition of a street lamp to improve the night lighting of the area, making it less “attractive” for those who choose to abandon their waste in the shadow.

Despite these requests, little or nothing has been done so far. Citizens report a sense of abandonment by the authorities, with their legitimate concerns appearing to fall by the wayside.