Volcano, the mud pool can be reborn. In summer the possible opening of the thermal lake


By John

As early as next summer, the thermal lake of Vulcano, in the Aeolian Islands, known as “The mud pool”, could be usable again. More than four years have passed since the thermal lake was seized following some checks. The preliminary hearing judge Giuseppe Sidoti, of the Court of Barcelona, ​​authorized the restoration works of the places by Geoterme, the company that managed it for decades. The request, initially rejected, by the lawyer Saro Venuto was accepted. The works are already ready to start. The works carried out illegally at his time, without the necessary authorizations and building permits, will be removed. We will proceed, in detail, to intervene on the curbs of the Castrogiovanni basin, on the cyclopean boulders and on the walls and on the movement of the chemical toilets. Meanwhile, the mayor of Lipari, Riccardo Gullo, has been appointed as the new custodian, taking over from the traffic policeman Sergio Li Volsi who moved to another municipality. The lack of a caretaker, for a certain period, created a coming and going of people, especially last summer, who entered the site undisturbed. The summary judgment hearing will take place on March 21st, again in Barcelona. The defendants are: the administrator and president of Geoterme Gustavo Conti and Lino Ferlazzo and the technician Emanuele Carnevale. After the restoration works have been carried out, the area will be released from seizure and could therefore soon be usable again. The closure of the sludge pool site has led to a major economic crisis for the island of Vulcano in recent years, as together with the craters it represents one of the most visited points by tourists. Thousands of holidaymakers went there for the therapeutic benefits they derived. A reminder, especially in the low season. The hypothesis of a reopening of the thermal lake would be a nice breath of fresh air for the island after the volcanic crisis that has just ended. The news, obviously, made the islanders rejoice, who have been waiting for years for the reopening of the mud pool.