Messina without water: the Fiumefreddo has restarted but the inconveniences continue. The mayor decides not to close the schools


By John

The Torre Rossa plant in Fiumefreddo restarted almost at full load in the evening. Therefore, an almost standard flow now arrives in Messina. Enel and Amam have resolved a fault in the electrical panel caused by lightning which for many hours did not allow all the aqueduct lifting pumps to be activated. In the late morning, a supply of the Alcantara aqueduct had been activated and is still active to increase the flow. Around 230 liters per second reach the municipal network, thus adding to that of Fiumefreddo. The water is already being distributed in the southern and central areas in the villages of Giampilieri, Zafferia, Mili San Marco, Strada Statale and Via Consolare Valeria in the Tremestieri shopping center – Via lattea shopping center section. In the early hours of tomorrow, Monday 18 September, it will also continue in the central North, starting from the early hours of the morning, with the exception of Torre Faro, Paradiso and Annunziata Alta with the hilly villages of Castanea and Massa which will receive a supply in the late morning for a few now or in the early afternoon. A regular distribution is therefore expected, tomorrow morning until the Annunziata. From the roundabout of viale Regina Elena (Annunziata) will arrive in the afternoon.

Basile does not close schools

In the afternoon, the Municipality verified the possibility of suspending school activities where it was not possible to supply the schools during the night. In the end, however, the mayor decided not to sign any ordinance. “The water is returning and the tanks in the schools are full because they were not used yesterday and today” said the mayor.

Coc activated

Given the impossibility of currently supplying the city through the water network, the COC (Municipal Operations Center) was activated this morning to manage all the facilities and procedures to help the population, in order to reduce inconvenience as much as possible.

Dozens of reports

There are several reports that the Municipal Civil Protection Operations Center has had to deal with, which is managing the current water crisis with Amam. So far it has been mainly commercial establishments that have needed tankers to be able to supply themselves. But reports also came from a couple of condominiums in the south area and from a nursing home. The municipal civil protection center is managing this emergency by sorting reports to Amam. The portion of the city most in difficulty because it received a minimum supply this night is the one that goes from the area of ​​the San Filippo junction (Cep) to Viale Giostra.

AMAM supply points

Citizens will be able to purchase supplies at the following points made available by Amam

1) Viale Giostra – at the AMAM headquarters

2) Via Girolamo Savonarola – Via Onofrio Gabriele

3) Torre Vittoria reservoir in Viale Principe Umberto at the intersection with Via Michele Amari