Migrants, 80 arrived in Roccella Jonica. It is the fifth landing in 9 days


By John

New landing of migrants, the fifth in nine days, in the port of Roccella Ionica.

In fact, at the end of a rescue operation at sea, carried out off the Calabrian coast by the Coast Guard, 80 people of Afghan and Iranian nationality arrived. Among the refugees there are around twenty women and around fifteen children, some of whom are under three years of age.

When they were identified at sea by the Roccella Ionica Coast Guard soldiers last night, the migrants were on board a small sailing boat located about 20 miles from the coast. According to some refugees, the boat left the coast of Turkey last Tuesday.

After an initial check by the police and health personnel, the migrants, at the request of the Prefecture of Reggio Calabria, were temporarily placed in the port tensile structure for first reception and relief.

Today’s landing is the 54th since the beginning of the year for a total of almost five thousand people of various nationalities who arrived in just ten months in the Reggio port alone.