Milazzo, blue stalls: stop after only 5 days. «The solution or an alternative»


By John

Paid parking, the mayor notes the discrepancies and orders the suspension of the service which started yesterday morning and which will last at least for the whole day today when a decisive meeting is scheduled with the company awarded the tender, the Sis of Perugia ..
What happened in Milazzo on the eve of mid-August when Midili – as he himself underlined – in signing the certificates for the traffic auxiliaries there would have been agreement of some anomalous situations in the awarding of the contract. “I had the bitter surprise of finding – says the mayor – that what was wanted by the municipal administration has not found a response in the service just launched by the Sis. We had asked, for example, as reported in the tender specifications, that the service be performed with 15 traffic auxiliaries with the application of the social clause. Instead, I discover that the service was not awarded in this way due to superficiality ». It would seem that the number of 15 auxiliaries was respected but a part would have been guaranteed a sort of seasonal work. «I was also able to notice – continues Midili – that the Sis has not proceeded to reshape the blue stripes, some of which are absolutely invisible and, among other things, has not yet started the payment service with the App. All, in my opinion, sufficient reasons for in the meantime, suspend the service pending further discussions with the company. Those who work in Milazzo – the mayor points out – must do so following what is necessary for the city and this is established by whoever represents the city. So let’s immediately stop a service that risks in a few weeks giving rise to social problems and criticisms of gaps that could have been filled in time and which are instead evident. Tomorrow (today ed) I will meet the company representatives for the first time to seek a shared solution in the interest of the workers and the service. Should it not be found, we are ready to take other paths to give Milazzo a stable, lasting and consistent service with the needs of citizens and tourists”.
So today’s confrontation will be decisive in understanding whether there will be a continuation of the relationship – apparently still not even formalized with the signing of the contract with the current manager -. If the outcome of the meeting is negative, the Municipality will have to find other solutions to avoid the interruption of an important service, especially in this summer period, which has the fundamental function of regulating parking, avoiding a situation of anarchy or worse than the center citizen becomes a sort of mega parking for those who are directed to the Aeolian Islands. Among other things, the current Administration, a few days after taking office, in October 2020, noting that paid parking was blocked, also as a result of continuously deserted tenders, he had proposed to the offices of Palazzo dell’Aquila the possibility of in-house management by the Municipality, with the Municipality which would proceed with the arrangement of parking meters in the streets identified. A solution that could become topical again if a solution is not found today. However, the mayor’s intention is to start again with the blue stalls as soon as possible.