Milazzo, the Croce di Mare area has been reclaimed from scavengers. Then it will be the turn of Tono's Ngonia


By John

The reclamation work on the so-called “sfabricides”, i.e. waste material (pieces of brick and cement and other inert waste) resulting from demolition or building construction activities present in that area for approximately 50 years, has been completed in Croce di Mare. The company Gestam srl of Villafranca Tirrena will carry out the works, with costs that will not weigh on the municipal budget. In fact, the Administration managed to obtain, by participating in the expression of interest issued by the ARTA – Maritime State Property office, a loan of 33,004.02 euros which will also be used to reclaim other areas of the municipal territory including the removal of tires present in the Ngonia area Tone.

“This is a further intervention that on this specific type of waste had practically never taken place in that area – said councilor Santi Romagnolo – which follows the extraordinary reclamation activity arranged two years ago by the Administration, again with Gestam resources and personnel and the support of the municipal gardeners. On that occasion, the entire area was cleaned up, invaded by weeds, waste of all kinds and other material that had been abandoned for some time, including the wrecks of abandoned boats. A signal that the Administration wants to give to citizens so that the Croce di Mare area, which has always been hostage to the most absolute degradation and considered a suitable place to be transformed into an illegal landfill of any material, can regain that value that is recognized for the characteristics of the site and be only and exclusively a decent reference for swimmers who usually go to the sea on the Eastern Riviera and who, following this reclamation, will be able to frequent it in conditions of greater safety”.