Monforte, the new A20 junction will relieve traffic congestion


By John

A logistical meeting on the construction of the A20 Monforte Marina motorway junction took place yesterday afternoon in the council chamber of the Municipality, in the presence of the regional councilor for Infrastructure and mobility Alessandro Aricò and the deputy Pino Galluzzo.
The mayors of Torregrotta took part in the technical table Nino Caselli, of Monforte San Giorgio Antonio Pinizzottoby Pace del Mela Mario La Malfafrom Roccavaldina Salvatore Visalli and the councilor of Venetico Tiziana Alesci. Among the audience there were also the mayor of Valdina Nino Di Stefanothe vice president of the Council of Villafranca Tirrena Pietro Costagiorgiano, the councilors of Torregrotta, Raffaele Nastasi and Mimma Gringeri and the engineer Pietro Anastasi. «A long-awaited work and a path fraught with difficulties which now sees the light again. We must continue to monitor the project, establishing the bureaucratic process”, asked Mayor Caselli, thanking Galluzzo “for his attention to the territory and to the politics of the facts”.
For the regional deputy «this work is necessary because it relieves congestion at the Milazzo and Rometta junctions. We are located in a densely populated area and an important industrial area. This junction will be a breath of fresh air for traffic, but also a driving force for development precisely because this Tyrrhenian strip attracts and can grow more and more. This political team, which has identified the infrastructure as necessary, will monitor the process so that it goes through.”