Towards the vote, Cateno De Luca: “If elected, I won't go to Europe. I want to be mayor of Sicily”


By John

«If elected, I won't go to Europe. I repeat, I am a candidate to bring votes to the project, to the Freedom list, not to go to Europe. I want to be mayor of Sicily”.

He says this on Un giorno da pecora on Rai Radio 1 Cateno De Luca, mayor of Taormina, leader of South calls North and candidate for the European elections on the Libertà list. «United States of Europe is blasphemy. It is an attack on sovereignty. We want to create a Europe of regions and peoples, as Don Luigi Sturzo wanted it. What we want is a common diplomacy which is not possible now. How is it possible to think of creating the United States of Europe? » He states, referring to the list made up of + Europa, Italia Viva and other political forces. “THEMy goal is to reach 20% in Sicily. Speaking of the European elections, we are given 4.2%», he adds.