Montalto, D'Acri introduces himself to the city and illustrates his program


By John

Crowd at the opening of the electoral campaign of mayoral candidate Mauro D'Acri. D'Acri calls, the square responds, this is how this electoral stage of his could be summarized, which saw the massive participation of Montalto residents in a reception hall in Montalto Scalo. Nine lists in support of this team which, between inside and outside the venue, counted thousands of people. Lots of participation, enthusiasm, in an evening that represented “the citizens' celebration”, as the candidate for the mayor's office himself defined.
The lists in support of Mauro D'Acri they presented themselves to the public, demonstrating union and willingness to put themselves at the service of the territory, in a synthesis of men and women who have embraced the lines of D'Acri's political-administrative program. “Forza Popular”, “Moderati”, “Kore”, “Agorà”, “Montalto Protagonista”, “Libera – Mente”, “Montalto in Comune”, “Progresso ed Innovazione” and “Primavera Democratica” are, in fact, the groups who support this candidacy of D'Acri for a project that D'Acri himself began building for Montalto about two years ago.