Monumental plane trees pollarded in Praia a Mare: the Ministry of Agriculture warns the Municipality


By John

The Ministry of Agriculture criticizes the municipality of Praia a Mare for the treatment reserved for two monumental plane trees in via Filippo Turati which have been completely pollarded. “We have repeatedly publicly asked for explanations – notes Italia Nostra – for what happened but no clarification or response was received from the municipal administration. We were therefore forced to send to the municipality of Praia a Mare and for information to the Ministry of Agriculture and request for civic access to the Carabinieri Forestry Command of Cosenza to obtain explanations on authorizations and interventions carried out”. The Ministry responded by highlighting how “if a real imminent danger is detected, as claimed by the municipality of Praia a Mare, which threatens public safety and urban security, the mayor adopts, with a reasoned act, a joint emergency ordinance for intervention or demolition with an indication of the start date of the works, which does not require ministerial opinion. The document must be promptly sent, with the invitation to attend the operations, to Difor IV, to the competent Regional Structure and to the truly competent Forestry Carabinieri, together with the specialized technical documentation certifying the dangerous condition. The Ministry notes that no note was sent to Difor. A situation highlighted in the municipality of Praia a Mare also for other monumental plane trees in via Filippo Turati and for which Italia Nostra has ensured other interpellations.