Mosquito net bonus 2024, here's how it works and what the necessary requirements are


By John

Mosquito net bonus 2024, here's how it works and what the requirements are.

The bonus mosquito nets of 2024 is designed to promote the installation of mosquito nets that help improve the energy efficiency of properties. This tax break, part of theEcobonus already existing, covers 50% of the expenditure incurred ( Irpef deduction (or Ires) for the purchase and installation of mosquito nets, up to a limit of 60,000 euros of expenditure per property unit.

It is essential that the mosquito nets purchased are models that allow a energy savingespecially those with solar shading and a GTOT ratio of less than 0.35%. Other criteria include the non-removability of the devices and the installation to cover glass surfaces.

Procedure for obtaining the bonus

  • For obtain The bonuses, no particular income requirements are required. The only significant restriction concerns the type of mosquito net, which must be suitable for reducing the building's energy consumption. Once you have selected the appropriate template, you need to make payments traceable and adequately documented.
  • Subsequently, to access the benefit, you must send a communication to Enea within 90 days of completing the work, a procedure which is generally managed by a professional. The documentation to be presented includes a detailed description of the intervention and a test report.

Value and duration of the bonus

The mosquito net bonus 2024 is valid until December 31, 2024 and allows you to deduct 50% of the expense incurred not only for the purchase of mosquito nets, but also for the installation, removal and disposal of pre-existing systems, as well as for any ancillary work. The maximum eligible expenditure threshold is 60,000 euros for each property, allowing a maximum deduction of 30,000 euros.

This high level of spending is justified by the fact that the requirements for obtaining the bonus are aligned with the broader ones of theEcobonus. For beneficiaries, the deduction obtained can be distributed over ten years, thus facilitating the tax management of the benefit.

Through the adaptation of the eligibility criteria and the clear definition of the procedures to be followed, the mosquito net bonus 2024 is proposed as a significant incentive for investments aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings, while contributing to the fight against mosquitoes in an ecological and economically advantageous way.