Municipal elections in Vibo, reflections in the centre-right. Ready to look beyond Limardo too


By John

Next year’s local elections fuel the confrontation from right to left. Fueling the debate is the choice of the next candidates for mayor. In this sense, yesterday was a significant day within the centre-right. The provincial coordinator and current group leader in the regional council of Forza Italia, Michele Comito, in fact, during a radio broadcast, he attenuated what seemed to be certainties acquired regarding the re-nomination of the outgoing mayor. «We start from the unity of the coalition – began Comito -. Of course, Forza Italia is convinced that this administration, despite all the difficulties, has done well but we are ready to listen to everyone before arriving at a definitive choice.”
There is no preclusion, from what we have heard, not even to the possibility of starting a discussion with those who have left. Comito’s words are clear: «We are ready to dialogue with current allies but also with other political forces to possibly share other choices». Statements that reopen discussions aimed at the unity of the center-right, including the Pitarians, even at the cost of sacrificing the current mayor.