Municipality cuts, mayor of Catanzaro: a terribly serious issue


By John

“Everything according to script or, better, according to ancient popular wisdom. That is, once the party is over, the saint is fooled. It would be tempting to make fun of it, if it were not for the fact that the issue of the five-year cut in funds to municipalities is a terribly serious issue that has a heavy impact on the institutions and, in turn, on the citizens”. This was stated in a statement to Ansa by the mayor of Catanzaro, Nicholas Flowery.

“This is nothing new – he adds – given that we are faced with a government, like the one led by Giorgia Meloni, which has shown that it does not have, at the top of its agenda, either citizens or territories. After the electoral campaign, therefore, the executive is back on the road of indiscriminate cuts to cover budget holes. And everything suggests that, after the Municipalities, it will be the turn of other sectors that mainly involve social issues”.

“Therefore, once again – says Fiorita – the political duty to resist and strengthen the opposition front to this accountant vision of public affairs is imposed, which, far from affecting the strongest interests, unloads on the weakest all the limitations of an inadequate government in the face of the country’s problems”.