Municipality of Cosenza, budget approved by majority


By John

Green light, not without controversy, for the 2023-2025 budget forecast. The accounting document was approved by a majority around 10pm. In the centre-left, Bianca Rende abstained. Report on the budget entrusted to the manager of the financial planning sector, Giuseppe Bruno. The session was deserted by Fratelli d’Italia councilors Francesco Spadafora, Ivana Lucanto and Giuseppe D’Ippolito. The three expressed “disappointment about the way in which the approval of the accounting forecast document was reached”. According to them «there was a lack of adequate discussion and in-depth analysis with the city councillors. The budget is a crucial moment for the institution, as it determines the progress of the administrative action and the planning of services and investments. However – underlined Spadafora, Lucanto and D’Ippolito – we proceeded without adequately involving the councilors and without the necessary discussion and in-depth analysis.

The choice not to participate in the civic assembly was not at all simple, because, since the beginning of the council, the FdI group has never shied away from the discussion, never failing to be available even in the face of circumstances and arguments in which there was no absolute convergence or unity of purpose with the political counterpart. But this accounting document – they added – is a real “closed package”, decided by a few and without even the involvement of the entire council”.