Municipality of Messina, Cettina Buonocuore's “triple pike jump”: she is now in Forza Italia


By John

On the day of Alessandro Russo's return to the city council, another change of coat becomes official at Palazzo Zanca: that of Concetta Buoncuore, for all Cettina, protagonist in less than two years of mandate of a triple pike jump which, if it is not a record, is close. The announcement comes directly from Palermo and from regional coordinator of Forza Italia, Marcello Caruso: «The institutional presence of Forza Italia within the Messina municipal council is strengthened with the entry into the council group of councilor Concetta Buonocuore, originally elected from a civic list, who joins the historic Forza Italia representative Cosimo Oteri».
Incidentally: the unspecified “civic list” mentioned was that “De Domenico Mayor”, therefore the one that bore the name of the centre-left mayoral candidate. Ironically, the same fate in which Alessandro Russo was a candidate, who today will definitively take over the city council from a former exponent (formerly because he was suspended from the party), Maurizio Croce, of Forza Italia, after the judicial storm that overwhelmed him. A few other asides. Cettina Buonocuore had abandoned the center-left coat on the same day as the proclamation, declaring that she had realized – only at that moment, evidently – that she had been defrauded, four years earlier, of her place in the city council, in favor of the centre-left. Electoral contortions. The fact is – another aside – that a few months later Buonocuore herself was nominated by Cateno De Luca in one of his lists for the Regionals.