Municipality of Messina, the budget passes the first exam. But debts have “dried him up”


By John

A “quick” commission and the single programming document and the budget estimate have overcome the first hurdle of the vote. Yesterday in the commission with 8 in favor (all from the Basile intergroup) and 3 abstentions, the two key documents of the economic, financial, but in other ways also political, planning of Palazzo Zanca were approved.
Now they will talk about it again in the Council where they could land next week. What is certain, listening to the mayor’s report Federico Basileis that there is certainly not much room for maneuver for interventions by councilors who, usually, with their amendments, can shift sums to interventions that they consider more useful than those planned by the administration.
«If we get through this year, the most will be done – summarizes the mayor who yesterday presented the forecast to the Commission chaired by Margherita Milazzo –. The 2024-26 budget absorbs the indications of the Court of Auditors which approved our rebalancing plan in August. In concrete terms, what makes the difference are the provisions that have been requested from us for 42 million euros. They are mostly the funds to be set aside in order to be able to deal with the entire calculation of debts potentially recognizable to the remaining group of creditors. The 2023 budget was able to absorb 1.3 million because the Court’s indication came very late, we put 42 million in 2024 and another 10 in 2025.”