Municipality of Reggio Calabria, the air of resignation begins to swell


By John

The news coming from Rome is not at all good for the future of Palazzo San Giorgio. At the Viminale they are no longer discussing “whether” to send the access commission to the Municipality but “when” to send it: before or after the G7 trade meeting to be held on July 16 and 17 in Santa Trada? The latest development in the “Ducale” investigation – with three other politicians under investigation – has reportedly accelerated the decision that, sooner or later, the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi will have to make. And “echoes” coming from Palazzo San Giorgio report that even among the municipal councilors a certain discontent is beginning to creep in, which adds to the anxiety about what could happen shortly, so much so that some “sherpas” of the center-right are said to be on the move to understand what the climate is within the majority and whether there are different conditions (for example compared to when they presented the motion of no confidence a few weeks ago) to find those three councilors needed to present their resignations en masse and bring down the municipal administration, giving the floor back to the voters as soon as possible. This weekend promises to be really hot.