Municipality of Reggio, the day of the motion of no confidence but first a “dancer” substitute


By John

And the day of the motion of no confidence came. An important day for the Administration of Palazzo San Giorgio, which will have to affirm the solidity of the majority that supports it, leaving the motion of no confidence with only 13 votes of those who proposed it. If there were to be a few more votes (and there shouldn’t be because many of the majority murmur under their breath: “We would vote for that motion but for coherence we cannot vote for a centre-right document…”) cracks would open which in the long run would undermine the solidity of a majority that now holds together only… for a few euros more.
But today’s city council is also interesting because the replacement of the new councilor will have to be discussed in the Pietro Battaglia Chamber Carmelo Romeowhose place in the Council he should take over Maria Ranieribut the conditional is a must because the Northern League councilor Mario Cardia announces a war of quibbles.