Tajani meets Netanyahu in Tel Aviv: “Support Israel, but pay attention to the civilians of Gaza”


By John

The Italian government’s solidarity with Israel after the Hamas attacks was reiterated by the Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani to the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in tonight’s conversation between the two in Tel Aviv, during which the head of the Farnesina also recalled «the Italian request to pay attention to the lives of Palestinian civilians» in Gaza. To the Israeli prime minister, according to what we learn, the head of Italian diplomacy reiterated Rome’s position in favor of “two peoples, two states”, hoping that at the end of political and diplomatic negotiations a Palestinian state could arise that would be recognized by international community “without moving forward and with the consent of the State of Israel”. Tajani stated that it is important for Italy to strengthen those who intend to favor a path of peace: “We intend to continue working with the United States, the European Union , Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia” with the aim of arriving at “a true Palestinian state that can live in peace with the Israeli state, respecting Israel’s security needs”. Netanyahu responded by claiming that for the moment the absolute priority is to dismantle all military capabilities of Hamas to achieve a demilitarization of the entire Strip, so that it can no longer be a threat to the Israeli people.

The head of the Israeli government, moreover, appreciated the Italian position which denies the Israeli operations in Gaza the character of “genocide”, on the eve of the ruling of the Hague Court announced for tomorrow. The prime minister also confirmed that his government will speed up all procedures so that Italy can transfer 100 Palestinian children and young people out of Gaza so that they can be operated on or treated in Italian hospitals: the operation should be concluded in the next few hours. Tajani also received reassurances that Israel will bring medical and humanitarian aid into Gaza. According to official sources, Netanyahu guaranteed that the Italian role will be supported at every stage, in the spirit of friendship between the two countries. During the meeting, the tension on the border between Israel and Lebanon was also addressed, following the mission of the head of the Farnesina to Beirut on Wednesday. Tajani reported to the Israeli leader the observations of the Lebanese government, and in particular the calls for moderation in the use of force in confrontation with the Hezbollah militias.