Museums: visitors doubled in Calabria compared to the pre-Covid period


By John

«2023 was a year that brought many satisfactions for the Calabria Regional Museums Directorate, a peripheral office of the Ministry of Culture led by Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, and the state museums that belong to it». This is what we read in a press release. «The offices – it is still written – have calculated the attendance data for the last three years by comparing them with the twenty-four months referring to the pandemic and pre-pandemic period of the Coronavirus to verify the trend. After the 162,178 accesses in 2019, the number dropped to 75,519 in 2020 (year of Covid) with a decrease of -53.43%. A first recovery had already occurred in 2021 when there were 103,912 accesses with an increase compared to the previous year of +37.60%. A growth trend that was consolidated both in 2022 (with 208,235 visits equal to an increase of +100.40%) and in 2023 (with 250,080 visitors and a new increase of 20.10%). Data that tells of an (almost) doubling of visitors compared to the pre-pandemic period.”

The analysis of the proceeds, similarly, reveals that in 2022 «almost 148 thousand euros (exactly 147,595.90 euros) arrived in the coffers of the DRM Calabria from ticketing, while in 2022 almost 250 thousand euros (exactly 253,925 euros). Comparing the two data results in a growth of over 72%: numbers that tell of an impressive trend in this case too.”

«The images of closed museums, parks with tall grass and troubled maintenance – commented Director Filippo Demma – are now behind us. Thanks to great and important team work, the Calabrian state museums grow decisively and constantly. We are also particularly happy with the very substantial increase in income which will be reused in the area in projects to conserve and enhance the heritage and to support staff. My thanks go to the professionalism and spirit of sacrifice of the employees of the Calabria Regional Museums Directorate, in particular. Their work has allowed all places of culture to successfully overcome a period characterized by serious staff shortages only recently alleviated by new appointments. The central support from the General Directorate of Museums of the Ministry of Culture and from Professor Massimo Osanna who is its head was also decisive. We look to 2024 as the year that will definitively confirm the positive trend of culture in Calabria.”