Naples, Osimhen chaos: the attacker deletes all the photos with the blue shirt from social media. The Nigerian has been duly called up for the match against Udinese

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By John

The honeymoon between Osimhen and Naples seems to be coming to an end. After the vitriolic declarations of the Nigerian striker’s agent (after two tweets deemed ironic and disrespectful towards the striker published on the Neapolitans’ Tik Tok account), a stance followed that would seem quite heavy-handed on the part of the centre-forward himself, who he removed all the photos with the Napoli shirt from social media (especially those with the Scudetto shirt). Osimhen, as Sky Sport reports, has asked for an official apology for what happened. Will it be enough to mend a rift that, until a couple of months ago, seemed like the furthest possible scenario?

In any case, the Nigerian striker has been duly called up by Napoli for this evening’s match against Udinese scheduled at the Maradona.