National Braille Day, prestigious event in Rende


By John

The city of Rende will host the main event of the 17th National Braille Day which celebrates its importance and history with a seminar entitled “The Braille Code: tradition, innovation and versatility”, aimed at teachers, educators and students.
Braille, a tactile writing system invented by Louis Braille in 1829, which revolutionized access to literacy for blind and visually impaired people. Today, it continues to be a critical tool for the education and independence of millions of people around the world.
On Saturday 24 February from 9.30 to 12.30 a day of testimonies, studies and meetings will take place inside the “IIS Cosentino Todaro” institute in Rende which aims to explore the fundamental role that the “Braille Code” plays a role in the lives of blind and visually impaired people. The seminar aims to provide an overview of the history and development of Braille, highlighting its innovative applications and its versatility in various educational and professional contexts.
In the days dedicated to sensitivity towards visual impairment, professional football also wanted to make its contribution. In fact, AC Reggiana, a team that plays in the Serie B championship, has chosen to take to the field wearing special shirts bearing the names of the athletes symbolized in Braille. A further step taken by the Club in the context of social activities aimed at making the stadium increasingly accessible and identifying it as a meeting place for everyone.
The event which will take place on Saturday 24th at the “IIS Cosentino Todaro” institute in Rende offers, therefore, a unique opportunity to deepen the understanding of Braille and acquire new skills useful for more effectively supporting blind and visually impaired students.
The seminar, organized by the “Italian Braille Club” in collaboration with the Regional UICI of Calabria, will be attended, among others, by Mario Barbuto (National President of the UICI ETS), Pietro Testa (President of the Calabria Regional Council of UICI), Giuseppina Princi (Vice -President and Councilor for Education of the Calabria Region), Antonella Valenti (Ordinary of Special Pedagogy), Franco Motta ((President of UICI Cosenza), Luciana Loprete and Annamaria Palummo (National Councilors of UICI).
During the seminar there will also be interventions by various experts who will illustrate how Braille has been and will be the point of reference for blind and visually impaired people.
Nicola Stilla, President of the Italian Braille Club, moderated and concluded the debate.