Nauseating smell in the Catanzaro area, 70-year-old from Gasperina sets fire to waste: reported


By John

Environmental controls by the Carabinieri have been intensified and continued Sovereignwith the support of the military Davoli Forestry Carabinieri Unitalso following the nauseating smell noticed and reported by some citizens of Soverato, Montepaone, Montauro and Gasperina in the last period.

As part of targeted and dedicated services carried out in the area, the Carabinieri of the Gasperina station, upon completion of investigations, reported a 70-year-old local man in a state of freedom to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catanzaro for illicit burning of waste, who owned by him, he burned vegetable and special waste, i.e. prunings deriving from the agricultural activity carried out.