Nautica, councilors Varì and Calabrese meet companies in the Calabrian sector


By John

The regional councilor for economic development and cultural attractions, Various Rosaryand the councilor for work and professional training, Giovanni Calabresechaired a meeting in the Cittadella with companies in the nautical sector to discuss support for the sector.

“During the meeting with the companies in the nautical sector – explained councilor Varì -, with whom my councilorship has been interacting for some time to support their productivity, both in terms of expansion on foreign markets and in terms of measures to support of competitiveness, the construction sites and operators in the sector represented to me a series of needs regarding the professional figures necessary for the sector and currently lacking. I therefore promptly shared the request received with my colleague Calabrese and organized a special meeting so that the producers could represent their requests directly to the competent councilor. This is a concrete way – remarked Varì – for the Region to support the training needs of companies, in such a way that the available resources are best planned according to the real need of the production system: the training offer it must concretely satisfy the demand for specific skills coming from those who operate on the markets. The regional government is operating in a concrete and synergistic manner to support the economic and productive fabric, aiming at growth and the consequent creation of job opportunities in the area”.

“A discussion – added councilor Calabrese – to evaluate, together with councilor Varì and the representatives of the sector, all the possibilities for supporting the nautical sector and all the related activities that derive from it. We have collected the concerns of nautical companies that have difficulty finding a qualified workforce. This is a growing sector that represents a huge opportunity for employment development for our region. After having established the real needs of the sector – Calabrese finally announced – we will sign a memorandum of understanding which will commit us to training all the figures necessary to restart boating”.