NaxosLegge, the Shadow of Dionysus award was given to Carla Tatò. The appointments of the third week


By John

“A recognition that gives me sincere happiness.” These are the words with which the actress Carla Tatò accepted the theater award “Shadow of Dionysus” – assigned by NaxosLegge, festival of narratives, reading and books directed by Fulvia Toscano – and dedicated to her and to Carlo Quartuccicompanion in life and on stage for half a century.

Yesterday afternoon, at Naxos Parkthe delivery to the great artist who for the public of NaxosLaw he “recalled” the figure and art of Quartucci (who passed away in 2019) with a stage reading inspired by the volume of Donatella Orecchia “Looking at the scene. Carlo Quartucci, the journey of the first twenty years 1959-1979” (ed. Mimesis) and then remembering Pasquale Quartuccifather of Carlo, survived the Messina earthquake and for a life as a theater man traveling around Sicily, Calabria and Campania.

Followed by the pulsating projection of “Sudden Ohio”short drama by Beckett with the two actors on the stage and the return to the public of Naxoslaw of the powerful and vibrant voice of Tatò. With her, in Naxos, he was Michelle Kounelliswife of the Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, Quartucci’s historic friend with whom they experienced unforgettable and revolutionary theatrical seasons. At the Tatò a sculpture by the artist as a gift Stefania Pennacchio inspired by an ancient Greek helmet. The evening was introduced by the performance dedicated to Tatò And Quartucci “One less tamerlane on the eastern coasts of Sicily” by the students of Dams of Messina directed by Dario Tomasello. At the end a speech by Katia Trifirò.

Today Wednesday 20 September we continue to MUME, the Interdisciplinary Museum of Messinawith a debate on contemporary art, artificial intelligence, metaverse and NFT (non-fungible token, an acronym that certifies the originality of non-interchangeable digital goods) to understand what future awaits human creativity. Moderated by Luigi Mascheroni, culture editor of Il Giornalethe art critic and journalist will discuss it Angelo Crespi – author of the book “Nostalgia for Beauty”dedicated to the controversial aspects of contemporary art – and the gallery owner Francesco Rovella. Thursday 21st we return to Naxos with the book Oicophobia (Eclectic) by Spartacus Pupointerviewed by Daniele Tranchida and by the students of Caminiti High School in Giardini Naxos; While Friday 22 September to Marina di Nettuno (Me) the book will be presented The Italy of the future (Eclectic) edited by Francesco Carlesi. Moderated by Ferdinando Croce they will intervene Pierangelo Grimaudo, Spartaco Pupo and Alberto Samonà.

Saturday 23 September NaxosLeggein collaboration with Radical Thoughtarrives at Catania (Ursino Castle, 6pm) to talk about war journalism with the memory of Almerigo Grilza reporter from Trieste who made history as the first Italian journalist to die at work: he was hit by a stray bullet in Mozambiquein 1987. Two of Grilz’s colleagues will talk about the difficult profession of war reporters, Fausto Biloslavo And Gianni Micalessinboth editors of The newspaperthat the next day, Sunday 24 September, in Naxos they will meet the students of the local high school. In the afternoon “virtual trip” to the Sicily bombed in 1943, between massacres and devastated cities. Moderated by Alberto De Lucathey will intervene Gianpiero Cannella, Mimmo Ciriacono, Orazio Micali and Daniele Tranchida.

Monday 25 Septemberto Messinathe goal of NaxosLaw moves on woman It is on “women’s body” with a compelling and very current debate – in Parliament the law that introduces the universal crime for the surrogate motherhood (the rented womb) – who will see a guest Marina Terragnijournalist and feminist interviewed by Daniela Faranda And Fulvia Toscano. Terragni has been supporting for years a precise position of all-out defense of the body of women and women culture of difference. The next day, Tuesday 26 Septemberthe scene of NaxosLaw moves to school with the meeting of the students of Caminiti-Trimarchi High School with Alessandro Rivaliauthor of a historical and coming-of-age novel in which the events of his family, among Genoa And Barcelonathey cross the History of the twentieth century in Spain.

In the afternoon of Tuesday (Lido di Naxos) we will talk about the never interrupted dialogue between Naxos Gardens and the Modern Greece. They will intervene Davide Amoroso, Giorgio Balascas, Andrea Franceschetti, Salvatore Giglio, Elviro Langella, Daniele Macris, Saro Messina, Salvino Risitano, Ignazio Vasta. With an intervention by Nino Buda for the group Folk Naxos; Romolo folk of Santa Teresa di Riva & Canterini of the Ionian Riviera Melino Romolo of Roccalumera.


Away to the Syracuse area, three meetings on the theme “The Construction Sites of Memory” – between history and valorization of cultural heritage – edited by Mariada Pansera and organized in collaboration with the local section ofArcheoclub are scheduled to Augustato the New tennis club, at the end of the month. It starts with “My name in the wind” Of Alessandro Rivali (26/09 h. 18.30); so focus on tangible and intangible assets (27/09 h. 18.30); and finally the presentation of the book “The Corrector” Of Emanuela Fontana (29/09 h.18.30).

Naxoslaw 2023 is made with the support ofDepartment of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identityof the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Parkof theUniversity of Messina – Cospecs DAMSof theErsu he was born in Cepell (Centre for Books and Culture, MIC institute). The whole program on