Cosenza at the final exam against Cremonese. Enthusiasm skyrocketing


By John

Tomorrow afternoon Cosenza awaits a new test of maturity against Cremonese, on paper one of the best equipped teams to aim for promotion to Serie A, but currently involved in mid-table thanks to the last three consecutive draws. The Grigiorossi have already changed coach: Stroppa took over from Ballardini a week ago. It will now be up to the former Crotone player to lift the Lombard team up. Against a wounded opponent, the rossoblù will have to pay maximum attention. To convert the “Marulla” into a fort, against a top-level team, a match similar to the one offered in Palermo will be necessary.
For the home match, Caserta will slightly adjust the eleven seen at work from the first minute at the “Barbera”. In defense, Sgarbi could be Venturi’s partner to counter Franco Vazquez and Massimo Coda. On the right side lane he could again touch Baldovino Cimino. The young Campania full-back from Cellole performed flawlessly in Sicily and could therefore keep his place at the expense of Rispoli. On the midfield line, Viviani should replace Zuccon (today he will undergo instrumental tests), as happened during the match in progress on Friday. Giacomo Calò will keep his place.
Some doubts in attack too. Canotto, after the winning goal that highlighted the evening in Palermo, demands a starting shirt. So far, for him, only portions of the race. The first ownership could then arrive. If Caserta were to decide to field him from kick-off, they could exclude Forte. In this case, Mazzocchi could play closer to Tutino, leaving the out to Rossano in a 4-2-3-1. This afternoon’s finishing will help Caserta resolve the final doubts about the team. The coach said he doesn’t believe much in turnover but in the third match in ten days he could take into account his physical state.
Previous In the nine previous Cosenza matches between the Sila and Cremonese, the “x” sign has never been recorded: five victories for the home team and four for the Grigiorossi. The guests fell short with the last two victories recorded in 2021. Between two championships, the Lombards prevailed at the “Marulla”. In April, a 1-0 away success with the signing of Strizzolo. The attacker, who also scored a few weeks ago but with the Modena shirt, also inspired the subsequent success in December. In this second case, the second marking was made by Valeri. Cosenza’s previous positive streak was interrupted: 4 consecutive successes between 1997 and 2019. Three times for 2-0 (May 1999: a second Tatti; February 2019: Sciaudone and Bruccini; November 2019: Sciaudone and Riviére). Guidoni and Mazzoli for the 2-1 victory in April 1997 (half a goal by Walter Mirabelli). Marulla instead decided the match in December 1990. Cosenza defeated 1-0 in September 1988 (Chiorri) and May 1993 (own goal by Ciccio Marino).
The exes Three rossoblù footballers have a past with tomorrow’s rivals. Andrea Meroni achieved promotion to the top flight with the Lombardy jersey. However, the central defender only made eight appearances. On the opposite side there are Michele Collocolo and David Okereke. The latter was one of the protagonists of Cosenza’s promotion to Serie B in 2018. Francesco Forte also played for Cremonese. The attacker played with the Cremona team in the 2015-2016 season, in Serie C: 16 appearances and 3 goals. The young striker Jahce Novello also passed from Cremonese during his youth career and was decisive on Saturday with the temporary 1-0 against Napoli in the Primavera 2 championship (the Sila won 2-0 in Campania).