Naxoslegge, war journalism. In Catania the story of Almerigo Grilz, a reporter from Trieste killed in Mozambique


By John

Tell the story warher atrocitiesthe injustices they heroisms. The stories of ordinary people and the background to the strategies of the leaders military And governments. The war journalismthe “live” news and the reportages of civil conflicts are, unfortunately, more alive than ever: a complex narrative, more necessary than ever – in light of virality of fake news and of much disintermediated propaganda on social media – often heroic: the 12 document this dead journalists in a year and a half, from the beginning ofinvasion of Ukraine. These are the topics of the next debate organized by NaxosLaw, XIII storytelling festivalreading and the book directed by Fulvia Toscanowhich for the occasion moves to Catania (Castello Ursino, Saturday 23 September, 6pm).

Guests of the meeting – and extraordinary witnesses of the difficult job of the correspondent – are the journalists of “The newspaper”, Fausto Biloslavo (Guidarello Award 2022) And Gian Micalessin (Ilaria Alpi Award 2011)who will remind the NaxosLegge audience of their friend and colleague Almerigo Grilzthe first Italian reporter killed in war since the end of the Second World War, in 1945. The episode, which dates back to May 1987, occurred in Mozambique where Grilz, just 34 years old, busy documenting on video the clashes of the ongoing civil conflict, he was hit by a sniper’s bullet.

Collaborator of prestigious newspapers such asEuropean, PanoramaL’Future, Channel 5 and the TG1Grilz between 1982 and ’87 chronicled the forgotten conflicts in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Mozambique, Iran, Cambodia And Burma. His reports have been broadcast on the most important international TV channels such as CBS (USA), Antennas 2 (France), NBC (USA), NDR (Germany) and published by prestigious publications such as Sunday Times, The Express, Jane’s Defense weekly. Recently, on the occasion of a journalistic award dedicated to him in Friuli, numerous fellow members of the jury remembered him. Among these Giovanna Botteri, historic and appreciated RAI war correspondent who recalled how Grilz, in the 1980s, “started this profession when it was not yet accessible and you had to walk for days before bringing home a single report”; And Toni Capuozzosignature of Tg5, author among other things of a preface on graphic novelsAlmerigo Grilz. Adventures of a life at the front” (Ferrogallico, 2017). The meeting, organized with Radical Thoughtwill be moderated by Francesco Rovella.

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