Near tragedy at Villa S. Giovanni: woman disputed between two men, 35-year-old arrested for attempted murder of love rival


By John

At the origin the dispute over a woman who risked ending in tragedy, in Villa San Giovanni. On the evening of February 28, the two men, both 35 years old from Reggio, and the woman were together in a restaurant in Villa San Giovanni. At the end of the dinner, a lively verbal discussion broke out between them, which continued even after they left the restaurant, for several minutes. At the basis of the clash is the dispute over the woman and, in particular, the debate over which of the two should have accompanied her home. In the end, the woman decided to get into the car with one of the two while the rival, not giving up, tried to approach the vehicle, which had just started moving, in an attempt to convince the woman to change her mind again.

Suddenly the driver, having stopped the vehicle, reversed for a few meters and, after having aimed at the other contender, accelerated and headed straight in his directionrunning over him and dragging him for about ten metres, running away, leaving the unfortunate man on the ground who suffered a compound fracture of a foot and a blunt trauma to a knee with a prognosis of 25 days.

The soldiers of the Villa San Giovanni station, in close coordination with the Reggio Calabria Prosecutor's Office directed by Giovani Bombardieri, promptly started an intense investigation activity, which led the investigators to acquire the elements with which the Prosecutor's Office requested and obtained, from the investigating judge, the issuing of the precautionary measure.
The man is now under house arrest and will have to answer for the crime of attempted murder.