Kate Middleton and cancer: do Harry and Meghan's phone calls lead to a thaw with William?


By John

Kate's cancer dramarevealed on video yesterday, perhaps opens a glimmer of thaw between her husband William, heir to the British throne, and his “rebel” younger brother Harry, after a long phase of cross-recriminations following the cadet's tear in 2020 and a breakdown in personal relationships described by many as almost total between the two sons of Charles and Diana.

This was underlined today in particular by the Daily Mail, taking up news reported by the US media, the country in which Harry and Meghan have lived for almost 4 years, according to which the Dukes of Sussex remained unaware of the diagnosis of the 42-year-old Princess of Wales until to yesterday: but in the last few hours they were still quick to call both her and William directly on the phone. The Mail is unable to confirm whether these were “voice or video calls”, but stresses that there appear to have been two separate phone calls – to Kate and William – made by both Harry and Meghan. Phone calls in which those words of comfort, solidarity and wishes for a speedy recovery were expressed in person, already expressed through a note written yesterday shortly after the video was released.

No one goes so far as to predict what these small gestures of human sensitivity may produce in the future, in the context of a Royal Family in difficulty due to repeated health problems in recent months and short of active members in the representation of the monarchy: in particular young figures , after the Sussexes' controversial exit from the scene. However, the signs add to those of rapprochement already shown by Harry towards his father, the 75-year-old King Charles III: with the lightning visit made to London when it was he who, in recent weeks, announced that he was struggling with cancer of an unspecified nature.