Netanyahu speaks to the nation: we are preparing for the invasion of Gaza


By John

«We are preparing to enter Gaza, I won’t say how and when. There are considerations that are not known to the general public. The date of entry into the Strip will be decided by the War Cabinet.” The prime minister said it Benjamin Netanyahu in a press statement. «The objectives – she continued – are two: eliminate Hamas and free the hostages. All those who participated in the October 7 attack are liable to death.”

Netanyahu adds: “We are at the height of a struggle for our existence.” The men of Hamas «are the walking dead. Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas.” The Israeli prime minister once again invited civilians to head towards southern Gaza.

Netanyahu: I too will have to explain the Hamas attack

«October 7 was a black day. We will clarify everything that happened. Everyone will have to give explanations for that attack, starting with me.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this in what seemed like a first admission of responsibility. «But – he continued – only after the war. My task now is to lead the country in war until victory.”

James Glynn, the general expert in urban warfare

An American super general in the role of consultant to Israel to try to stem the number of civilian victims in the possible ground operation in Gaza. James Glynn, commander of the Marines, was sent by the Pentagon to Tel Aviv together with a group of other officers with this difficult mission. Deputy commander during the American military offensive against ISIS and on the front line in Falluja in 2004, Glynn knows what urban guerrilla warfare means, the one that probably awaits Israeli forces inside the Strip.

In fact, the general also participated in the battle of Mosul in 2016-2017, the example considered most similar to what the invasion of Gaza could become. The only difference – as former CIA director David Petraeus underlined in recent days – is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not have the luxury of time, that is, he does not have nine months available for an operation of this kind.

Born in Albany, New York, Glynn earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Naval Academy, and then earned a master’s degree from the Army War College. The general has been in service since 1989 and during his long career he has been awarded numerous awards for his successes. Glynn will not actively participate in the decisions of the Israeli forces and will probably not follow the next ground offensive in Gaza from Tel Aviv. His role will be to dispense advice and suggestions, encourage the analysis and evaluation of the alternatives available and confront the Israeli forces with the most difficult questions, so as to try to dispel any doubts and perplexities before the attack.

General Glynn and officers will give “advice on how to limit civilian casualties in urban warfare. These are experienced officers, the type of experience that we believe is appropriate for the type of operations that Israel is conducting and may conduct in the future,” explained National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. “They will help Israeli officials review and explore their options. The IDF, as always, will make its decisions”, echoed the Pentagon, reiterating like a mantra that it will always be the Israeli forces who decide.