Cosenza, Italy Viva divided by arguments and Action growing rapidly


By John

The Cosenza pains of Italia Viva. The election of Nunzia Paese he regional coordinator of the Renzian patrol was born under the bad auspices of a clear clash that broke out within the party. Ernesto Magorno, historic friend and supporter of the “Matteo Nazionale” and former Calabrian manager of IV, has entered into a collision course with the mayor of Aprigliano, Alessandro Porco, who intended to replace him in the role of leader of the political formation. The congress was the site of a battle fought with cards. Magorno, who supported the Paese, beat his young opponent. The internal duel ended not with a handshake to sign at least a formal peace between the two adversaries but with a real further declaration of war. A statement from Diamante, Magorno’s fiefdom, which closes the possibility of healing the fracture. Read to believe: ¬ęThe Italia Viva Calabria congress confirmed the clear and deserved victory of Nunzia Paese, the new regional coordinator of the party and with robust skills and experience behind her to mark a renewed path of growth and rooting in the territories. With the polls closed, some shadows and more than one question remain on the action of the challenger Porco, defeated by a wide margin of votes and who will now have to provide clear and transparent indications on the congressional phase, starting from the membership campaign in Aprigliano where 100 members are registered – compared to 114 votes obtained in the political elections. There is an evident and sensational imbalance in the numbers, which testifies to an unscrupulous approach when compared to other realities, such as Diamante, where there were 16 members. Real members and not recruited by relatives and similar. Renewal, therefore, comes from authentic actions and choices and fortunately the Italia viva Calabria community has understood this well, electing Nunzia Paese”.