New Reggina, Brunetti chose the “Fenice Amaranto”: the project was presented to the city


By John

“I decided in absolute serenity without being influenced by comments or newspaper articles or anything. If this choice goes well they will make me king otherwise I will be a good-for-nothing. I expect it and it is also right that it should be like this. We received two proposals: The Amaranth Phoenix and the one linked to Unicusano, the third Italudo srl arrived after the deadline. Materially she had to be excluded but we evaluated her anyway. The company we are going to accompany to the FIGC is La Fenice Amaranto ASD. A company with Sicilian entrepreneurs but origins from Melito Porto Salvo. I decided to choose this one. Unicusano’s request was no exception, given the economic solidity they were both ready to carry forward the project. Regarding the structural approach of the project, I must say that Fenice Amaranto was a moment more complete and defined regarding the people who will complete the company staff”. With these words, the acting mayor Paolo Brunetti communicated the decision on the fate of Reggina in a press conference .

The Catania company, linked to the entrepreneurial group that owns the Telematic University of Catania La Phoenix, he will be in the Federation on Monday to start the process.

“Our sports project has been selected by the City of Reggio Calabria and we are really enthusiastic and proud of it – write the entrepreneurs – Now we must immediately get back to work to complete the registration for the Serie D championship by the Monday morning deadline. But first we will be happy to express our thanks and briefly present the project”.