Nicotera, about-turn by the mayor. Pino Marasco withdraws his resignation


By John

Mayor Pino Marasco returns to the helm of Palazzo Convento, the municipal headquarters. His “irrevocable resignation” lasted a week. Evidently, in recent days, the mayor has had the opportunity to reflect on what to do. «After a week from the establishment of the commission for access to documents in our Municipality and my subsequent resignation from the office of mayor – states Marasco in a note which appeared late in the evening on the web – the messages of affection and heartfelt appeals do not diminish on behalf of many Nicoteresi so that I withdraw from this decision. Not remaining insensitive to this great wave of solidarity on the part of my fellow citizens – he concludes – after having reflected for a long time and having discussed with the members of the majority, I have decided, in a spirit of service towards the community, to revoke my resignation from the office of mayor».
This choice is not very surprising also because the mayor’s throwing in the towel was not followed by that of all the other members of his team. Naturally, if on the one hand Marasco’s return to the control room is greeted with satisfaction by his supporters, on the other it is not all roses and flowers. In fact, while the spotlight is shining on what the opposition’s choices could be, his political opponents immediately put him back in their sights. Already this morning, Marasco will have to deal with a protest organized by citizens and associations to denounce, in front of the municipal headquarters, the inconveniences experienced by the population due to the lack of water resources which has now lasted for about five months.