Catanzaro, City Council in… library


By John

It may be free but it still remains an “exile”, even if forced. The next municipal councils will be held in the “De Nobili” municipal library, as decided by the conference of group leaders who met yesterday afternoon. The decision was made in order to save the 500 euros per session foreseen for the use of the provincial council chamber, where meetings in recent years have so far been held (free of charge) due to the unavailability of the red chamber after the collapse of part of the false ceiling which occurred in 2018. We are therefore waiting for the renovation and modernization works currently underway at Palazzo De Nobili to be completed.
The decision passed by a narrow margin, by just one vote, even though in the same majority already in the morning there had been no shortage of grumbling about the prospect of having the Council of the regional capital city meet in a library, even if a prestigious one. Moreover, as has been highlighted by some, nothing can be said to the provincial administration which, with the regulation approved last July, indicated the tariffs for the use of its real estate and the concession of owned spaces to public bodies subject to private individuals; a necessary step due to the disastrous condition of the intermediate body’s accounts – grappling with a rebalancing plan to avoid financial collapse – which has emerged over the last few years.