Niger, assault on the French embassy with the cry of “Viva Putin”. African leaders: the use of force is not excluded


By John

Thousands of pro-junta protesters gathered this morning in front of the French embassy in Niamey, the capital of Niger, after Paris suspended aid following the coup. Some even tried to enter the building, an AFP reporter said at the scene. Others tore down the plaque reading “French Embassy in Niger”, before trampling it and replacing it with Russian and Nigerien flags.

«Long live Putin», «Long live Russia», «Down with France», the demonstrators shouted. The French Foreign Ministry has condemned “any violence against diplomatic missions, the security of which is the responsibility of the host state”, while thousands of people demonstrated in front of the French embassy in Niamey before being dispersed by tear gas. “The Nigerien forces have an obligation to guarantee the security of our diplomatic missions and consulates as part of the Vienna Convention”, and “we urge them to fulfill this obligation imposed on them by international law”, underlines the Quai d’Orsay , whose embassy has been targeted by protesters pro-military coup plotters who toppled President-elect Mohamed Bazoum.

Ecowas, the Economic Community of West African States, has given a one-week ultimatum to the putschists in Niger to restore constitutional order and civilian government under President Mohamed Bazoum, not ruling out the use of force if this It will not happen. This was decided by the leaders meeting in Abuja. The organization also decided to impose “immediate” economic sanctions on Niger.